THK Scholarship

Inspired by his own experience when received scholarship from PRADJOTO & Associates in year 2002 to 2004 as The Best Graduate of MM-UGM. Mr.Tito also gaved scholarships and allowances, fully or separatelly to his junior lawyers and associates to continue their legal studies and legal licenses. The following are receivers of THK’s scholarships and allowances :

1. Arvid Saktyo.SH.MKN

2. Anwar Sadat Tanjung.SH.MH.CM

3. Ayatullah Reyhullah Khomeny.SH.MAK

4. Ferry Ferdinal.SKom

5. Ilham Sukmana.SH.MH

6. Mishaal Bawazier.SH

7. Aldi Sigalingging.SH

8. M. Danies Kurniartha.SH.MH

9. Tatang Suryanto.SH

10. Nico Putro.SE