Tito Hananta Kusuma Law Office (THK Law Office) was established at the end of 2011 as a legal and business consulting firm. THK Law Office also has expertise in many legal areas which strengthened by lawyers team who has legal experiences in the area of litigation and non litigation, general corporate matters, commercial cases including in banking and other legal practice areas.

THK Law Office established by Legal Consultants with expertise in many legal areas. This Office handles variety of legal contracts/documents and resolves any business disputes and legal disputes in addition to experience in civil lawsuits, bankruptcy, public administration and criminal lawsuit. Having such extensive experience THK Law Office fully understands client’s needs with ‘One Stop Service’ concept. Our Office solves every legal problem promptly and comprehensively.

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Free Legal Consultation

You’ll get a Free Legal Consultation, with no obligation to use our services. Our experienced team will answer your questions.


Tito Hananta Kusuma & Co. have over 15 years of experience to work for every client. This has given us a tremendous amount of experience.


Hiring a lawyer can be an expensive undertaking, but we does everything possible to ensure the process is not burden our clients.

Keeping You Informed

We do a number of things to try to keep you informed about what is going on with your matter. Obviously, we can’t call every client every day, or we’d never have time to get the work done.

Our Satisfied Clients

– DR. Widigdo Sukarman. MBA (Former CEO of Bank BNI 46)
I highly recommend Tito Hananta for knowledgeable, professional and timely legal counsel. Thank you Mr. Tito

– Tommy Hindratno, MA (Former Tax Officer)
Mas Tito, I called him, he is my Lawyer and Brother, because he can be “Brother” to his Clients based on pricniple Client’s Brotherhood. This Double Role like Tito’s Expertise as Lawyer, that he can be PR (Public Relation) in one side, but he can also work as NINJA LAWYER if his Client ask him to be low profile in handling the case. Success Mas Tito!

– Dr. Bambang W. Soeharto, MA (Former Commissioner of Indonesian Human Rights Commission)
I would like to sincerely thank you all for hard work professional supports and great delivery. Good Luck Mr Tito

– Saiful Jamil (Artist)
I hired Mr.Tito to represent me in an accident case and he did so with professionalism, integrity, outstanding knowledge and advise to bring my case to a successful conclusion.

– DR. Janes Johan Karubaba (Former Head of Mining Department of Papua Province)
Tito Hananta Kusuma is a hard working, intelligent, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. He and his staff are extremely talented and thorough, and have great passion for their clients.

– Mark Philip Peddler (British Citizen)
Mr. Tito Hananta has provided excellent advice, communication and follow through. He shows a genuine concern with the legal questions that arise in the course of our doing business.

– MR. X (Former Government Officer-Eks Terdakwa Kasus Korupsi)
Mr. Tito Hananta shown his expertise in handling My Corruption Case and prove his promise to me. Mr. Tito Hananta as Founder of FAST (Forum Advokat Spesialist Tipikor) prove his Fast Action in handling Corruption Case. I ask him not to open my name in this testimony for my family reason. Good Luck Tito My Best Friend !

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